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Although Candy Paint has been around for years in the states, it is relatively new to the UK. Many people are still to fully understand the concept of Candy Paint, what options they have and even how it should be applied. This website is dedicated to not only helping you understand these principles through guides, explanations, comments and pictures, but also to bring you the very best Candy Paint products at the very best prices, right here in the UK.

A candy paint job starts out like any other standard paint job – with your choice of primer. After the prep work and priming is complete it’s time to choose your basecoat colour. Depending on how light or dark you want your candy paint job, this will be your first decision; ultimately black will be the darkest, grey is a middle tone, and white for a lighter more brilliant candy colour.

Your choice of basecoat colour can be black, blue, green or whatever colour you choose, but the standard we personally recommend for a candy paint job is silver or gold basecoat. To create the very best effect we recommend using a high sparkle Silver or Gold. This will show through the Candy Paint when viewed in direct sunlight.

It’s important to remember that all candy paints give a translucent finish. Before ever attempting to spray a candy paint job you should spray a test piece first. After priming the test piece you should apply three coats of basecoat (or follow the manufacturers recommendations). Then it’s time to spray the candy paint. Typically candy paint is applied in 3 to 5 coats. Depending on how dark you want the candy paint job is entirely up to you, obviously the more coats the darker and deeper it will be.

Make sure that you write down exactly how many coats of candy you paint on the test piece, this is so that you will get the desired colour tone when you paint the live job. Finish off the test piece with three coats of clear and you will have a very good idea of how your candy paint job will turn out.

With Candy Paint there are two main product differences; Candy Concentrate, which is simply added to your choice of solvent clearcoat or intercoat carrier, this can be by volume (e.g 50mls of Candy Concentrate to 1 Litre of ‘ready to spray’ solvent clearcoat/carrier) or by weight (e.g 5% Candy Concentrate of the gross weight of the ‘ready to spray’ carrier). The other alternative is Candy Basecoat, which is a ‘ready to spray’ translucent basecoat that requires no mixing (this guarantees a consistant colour match and is more suited when painting larger items). The colours of both products are identical and the final finish should be exactly the same.

Candy Concentrate is a liquid dye additive designed to provide maximum compatibility with solvent ‘carriers’ such as a clear Intercoats or clearcoat/lacquer and yet still provide an intense colour impact. By design, Candy Concentrate additives are meant to be applied over the top of your Sparkling Basecoat.

Simply add the International Colours Candy Concentrate to your choice of solvent clearcoat/intercoat and spray.

The International Colours range of Candy Concentrates and Candy Basecoats are manufactured using only the very best pigments available. This provides not only the very best depth of colour but also industry leading standards on lightfastness.

There are 17 Candy Paint colours to choose from, with which any candy colour can be achieved. All the International Colours Candy Paint products come with full instructions.

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